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Vergebene Liebesmuehe
Du wünschtest dir sie wär‘ deine.
Totenstill ruht nun die Welt.
Asche wirbelt, taube Beine,
was du liebst welkt hin, zerfällt.
Du gehst weiter und die Trümmer,
bohren sich wie Holz Herz pfählt.
Asche wirbelt, Luft wird dünner,
hinter dir verreckt die Welt.
Was würdest du nur alles geben,
erstirbst so still im Gebet zu Gott,
Asche wirbelt, erstickt dein Leben,
Lieblein, Hör mein, doch die deine ist längst fort.
Bist ein Reiter, letzter Bruder,
löschst die Welt aus, warst nie da.
Asche wirbelt, graues Puder,
wie Liebe, die unerwidert war.
Sieh‘ das Licht bricht durch den Himmel,
schwarze Wolken zieh‘n hinfort,
Asche wirbelt, Licht erhellt sie.
Doch dein Blick erstarb beim ersten Wort.
:iconti2i4n:Ti2i4n 2 0
You said you love me
You said you love me
And so did I
With all my heart, my soul.
Lips to kiss, breath to take.
But we must surely die.
I watched you sleeping,
read your dreams.
But I'm not in there.
Never was,
As it seems.
You said forever
Till death do us apart.
But nothing lives forever,
Your fate is sealed,
And I don't play a part.
And so the summer died,
'cause winter was too cold.
I told you that it's over.
I'm pretty sure I lied.
:iconti2i4n:Ti2i4n 1 0
Doctor Who Hunger Games Shoes by Ti2i4n Doctor Who Hunger Games Shoes :iconti2i4n:Ti2i4n 1 0 jump and fall by Ti2i4n jump and fall :iconti2i4n:Ti2i4n 1 0 The Gate by Ti2i4n The Gate :iconti2i4n:Ti2i4n 2 0 Le Frisur by Ti2i4n Le Frisur :iconti2i4n:Ti2i4n 0 0 Cherry tree :3 by Ti2i4n Cherry tree :3 :iconti2i4n:Ti2i4n 1 0 If they could feel what I feel by Ti2i4n If they could feel what I feel :iconti2i4n:Ti2i4n 2 1 desperate hatchet by Ti2i4n desperate hatchet :iconti2i4n:Ti2i4n 1 1 Grungy Mirror's Edge by Ti2i4n Grungy Mirror's Edge :iconti2i4n:Ti2i4n 5 1 grungy apple by Ti2i4n grungy apple :iconti2i4n:Ti2i4n 0 0 itz no brainZ by Ti2i4n itz no brainZ :iconti2i4n:Ti2i4n 2 0 poorLittleRabbit by Ti2i4n poorLittleRabbit :iconti2i4n:Ti2i4n 3 0 It's hard to forget by Ti2i4n It's hard to forget :iconti2i4n:Ti2i4n 0 0 BrainZ by Ti2i4n BrainZ :iconti2i4n:Ti2i4n 0 0 As the deer . . . by Ti2i4n As the deer . . . :iconti2i4n:Ti2i4n 0 0


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How to Make a Villain
How to Make a Villain.
Okay, keep in mind that everyone has their own way of going through characters, and villains especially are very much your own thing. You're going to have your favorite class, most likely, and you're often going to stick to it. (And sorry folks, this is an ACTUAL tutorial - there are enough joke ones out there already, funny as they may be.)
One thing to generally keep in mind, however, is the tragic past - avoid it. Seriously, people, nobody likes it when the villain gets whiny. Which isn't to say that they can't have a tragic past, but it's very easy to send it into whininess, or cliché. A bad boy villain character who keeps it all locked up inside really isn't any better. There are several options, though, I'll be listing only the ones I'm familiar with around here.
Classic villain -  These have a lot of subclasses, and can range from stupid to serious, but they're basically the type you'll see in old movies. The evil scientists, or power
:iconprincess-kay:Princess-Kay 259 49
How to Introduce a Character
The classical Movie Introduction – Sometimes, you get a hero. Not over time, but right at the start – this is your hero. He's confident, he's suave, and he always packs his shaving cream. Somehow he always manages to get that beard just right, despite the fact that you've never seen him trim. Everything about him is admirable, and you just wanna follow him like a little puppy dog because that's how AWESOME he is.
…it might work, but you still shouldn't do it. It's one thing for movies, where you can simply follow someone's action across the screens. In books, you want the closeness that only seeing the character fall on their face time times just to get it right once will bring.
The stumbling introduction - sometimes, your character stumbles into the wrong thing at the wrong time. Or the right thing at the right time, perhaps, but – if you want a good story – you should probably make sure it ends up worse for them than it would have otherwise.
Oh, sure, things
:iconprincess-kay:Princess-Kay 322 39
Worldbuilding sheet: Magic systems - v2
Revised and translated version of this.
So, this sheet is meant to help fantasy world-builders (for any media, not just writing) create the magic systems for their worlds. It is inspired from some character sheets that ask you a series of questions. This sheet may be helpful for you at any stage of the worldbuilding process: whether you're just starting out and need ideas, or you're nearly done and want to make sure everything is consistent. Keep in mind that I'm not technically giving you ideas, just raising questions. This revised version puts more emphasis on definitions than the original.
So, let's start with the term "magic system". A system is a bunch of concepts that work together. Basically, I'll define a magic system as a set of laws for magic. If your world has several kinds of magic that have completely different possibilities (for instance, one kind of magic can do what is completely impossib
:iconpwassonne:pwassonne 142 6
Ultimate Story Profile
General Info:
• Setting:
• Genre (epic, fantasy, historical, romantic, action, adventure, comedy, horror, drama, etc):
• Theme (meaning or dominant idea behind the story):
• Synopsis (the story summed up into one or two sentences, with or without ending):
• Main characters:
General Story Overview:
• Orientation:
• Complication:
• Climax:
• Resolution:
• Subplots:
The Three Acts:
• Act 1 (orientation and first problem):
• Act 2 (struggling to solve problem):
• Act 3 (climax and ending):
The Hero's Journey (skip this if not familiar with hero's journey):
• The Ordinary World:
• The Call to Adventure:
• Refusal of the Call (for the reluctant hero):
• Mentor (the wise old man or woman):
• Crossing the First Threshold:
• Tests, Allies and Enemies:
• Approach to the Inmost Cave:
• The Ordeal:
• Reward:
• The Road Back:
• Resurrection:
• Retu
:iconmintoons:Mintoons 252 5
Ultimate Scene Profile
I decided to do another one. Use this profile to flesh out the scenes you want to include in your story.
Story Related:
• Basic scene details (what characters are doing, what happens, etc):
• What purpose does this scene serve to the story as a whole? (if a scene has no purpose and is just in there because you like it, it's a darling, and we must kill our darlings):
• How does this scene affect the overall plot of the story? (if you've already explained this, no need to repeat yourself):
• What is the main conflict in this scene (the characters' problems, conflict between or within the characters):
Theoretical Stuff:
NOTE: This section requires other readings. If you don't have knowledge of the hero's journey or the three act structure (two popular plot structuring devices used in countless films), then ignore this part.
• At what stage of the hero's journey does this scene take place? How does it fit into this stage?:
• In which act of the story does this
:iconmintoons:Mintoons 104 2



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